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Tracks & Monuments

The city of Bene Vagienna is really a little reference point when it comes to art and culture. Not only its historical center is full of churches, monuments and historic buildings of ancient tradition, but also the suburbs and surrounding villages have several ruins and monuments belonging to the era when the Roman civilization had settled in this area. You can still breath the atmosphere of the past in the streets and arcades of this old town.

Hotels & Restaurants

But not of art alone do men live. That’s why in Bene Vagienna we are equipped with hotels, facilities and the best restaurants: here you can find everything starting from characteristic
cafes and bars to old time restaurants, where you can taste unique local products, cooked like once, with genuine local products.


Two thousand years of culture to discover and appreciate.
Immerse yourself in Roman times by visiting the archaeological site and the Museum.
Stroll under the arcades, gardens, among the palaces and the castle.
Enjoy the Langhe from the Avenue of Sighs and the ramparts.
Walk on foot or cicle with your bike in the silence of the woods visited by truffle hunters.
Admire the campaigns skillfully cultivated.
Do “shopping” in stores and on Friday … go to the market, have a drink with friends ….
… Discover an hidden treasure.

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Bene Vagienna is located in the foothills of the Maritime Alps, in Cuneo’s plain, between the rivers Stura di Demonte and Tanaro. The city of Bene Vagienna is comprised between the highlands of Salmour and Isola, which rose up from the plains through tectonic activity originated by the river Tanaro.

From the naturalistic point of view, the area of ​​the archaeological site, formed mainly of intensely cultivated areas, hosts different species of flora and fauna all in all common a bit everywhere, except for some small “surprises” as the ranucolo colony with capillary leaves in the waters of the ” ealera” that runs along the access road to the excavation area.

However, to document the various resources (fishing, hunting and forest products) that the inhabitants of the Roman city could dispose of and to highlight the natural setting in which it was placed, next to the archaeological area, it has been marked as a protected zone, for reasons both naturalistic and landscaping. Although the signs of the work of human transformation are evident almost everywhere, the environment still appears as little disturbed overall, especially in the rich and varied vegetation that surrounds the Mondalavia in a picturesque landscape.

The upper fauna is represented by mammals as foxes, hares, squirrels, dormices, weasels, martens, while among the birds must be reported mallards, buzzards and other birds of prey; little or nothing is known about the fish fauna, but the cool waters of Mondalavia, abundant and regular throughout the year could harbor many species.



Claudio Ambrogio
Mayor of Bene Vagienna

As Mayor of Bene Vagienna, I consider a great honor and a privilege to extend my greeting to those in Italy and those beyond our borders that will come in contact, through the web, with our City.

The hope is that as many visitors as possible who reside far outside of our walls, will want to get to know us and come to pay a visit on the occasion of one of the numerous events. We expect all of them and will welcome everyone as friends.

A warm greeting to all from Claudio Ambrogio, Mayor of Bene Vagienna.

For more info on the institutional and administrative subjects, you can visit the Insitutional Part of the Website.


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Bene Vagienna's History

Little city where you can still feel the history, Bene Vagienna celebrated precisely in 2000 the two thousandth anniversary of its foundation. Founded in Roman times, when it was still Augusta Bagiennorum, passed through the Middle Ages and the Baroque period at the turn of the ‘600 and’ 700, the city still carries all of his story written on his face.

Famous Bene's Citizens

We not only have works of art, a long history and excellent cuisine: Bene Vagienna was also the birthplace of several influential figures in history. Men of brilliant military and political career, thinkers and writers cited for their works even in “The Betrothed”, and noblemen who have been credited official miracles. Come to find out more.

Bene's Associations

Bene Vagienna, like all small communities, has a very active life and its citizens are very unite and welcoming. This is demonstrated by the many associations which are established on its territory: there are Cultural, Sports, Religious, Voluntary associations. Here is the list of all the associations on Bene’s ground.